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Should I hire a wedding videographer? Here's 6 reasons why it is so important in 2023!

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

I've heard this a lot through the years both during my initial inquiry calls with couples and from members of wedding parties who are going to get married in the future: "Do I need to hire a wedding videographer? Is it really necessary?"

I know that you're probably thinking that my answer is going to be biased (I am a Wedding Videographer after all!), but one of the reasons I'm so driven to film weddings year after year is because I feel it is so important.

Consider how we document other life-changing events. Think about those major sporting events or concerts where you see people holding up their phones. What about the times you capture a birthday cake being brought out or your niece dancing a funny dance? You film those moments because it's the best way to relive the experience in the future. There's a quote we recently came across that resonates: "Do you want to watch the Super Bowl in a photo album or on TV?"

The number one "regret" that I hear from people who have already tied the knot is that they wish they hired a wedding videographer for their special day. Sure, your parents might tell you that they didn't have one back in the 80's or 90's, but times have changed and now more than ever, we communicate with each other through the use of digital media!

In recent years, there has been a significant shift in perspective. A wedding videographer, once considered a "nice to have," has now become essential for an increasing number of couples. The quality of wedding videography worldwide is mind-blowing, thanks to technological advancements and the sharing of knowledge. I am proud to be a part of this evolution. For those who are still undecided, here are six compelling reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a wedding videographer:

1) A Wedding Video is the Ultimate Memory Preserver:

If you're getting married, chances are you're already hiring a photographer. Why? To capture the fleeting moments of a day that pass by in an instant. While photographers do an excellent job of freezing moments in time, they lack context. They capture single moments in isolation, before or after something else. Now, consider this: a wedding videographer captures 24 photos every second that the camera is rolling. That's an incredible number of images! And these images play out in a sequence, allowing you to witness the change in expressions, lighting, sound, and so much more. Video captures the nuances of behavior and reactions that photos simply cannot. In fact, we've encountered more couples who recognize this and prioritize wedding videography over photography, fancy that right?

2) A Skilled Wedding Videographer Tells a Story:

Each second of video captures a sequence of moments, weaving together to form a narrative. These stories reveal who you are, where you were, what you did, and most importantly, why you did it. Our wedding films go beyond being mere "wedding videos." Our aim is to create something that authentically reflects your personalities. We want strangers who watch your film to feel like they truly know you. This is crucial because people evolve over time. In thirty years, you'll be different individuals, but your wedding film will serve as a timeless reminder of who you were and why you chose to spend your lives together. A wedding is a pivotal moment, and a wedding film becomes the anchor that transports you back to that cherished moment. We frequently share our own wedding video with our daughter because she loves learning about our history and where she comes from. Witnessing our relatives and friends dancing and having fun brings joy to her. We all have unique personal histories, and having the means to record and preserve them is truly fortunate.

3) A Wedding Videographer is a SOUND recordist too!

A wedding isn't just about what you see; it's also about what you hear. Sound plays a vital role in triggering memories, and it only makes sense to capture and preserve those sounds. This is one of the compelling reasons to hire a wedding videographer. We are likely the only professionals present at your wedding who will record your vows, speeches, letters, and other precious moments that you may never hear again otherwise. When you watch our films, pay attention to how essential sound is. We use it as the foundation of our narrative and prioritize it before even touching the visuals. Sound constitutes 50% of the experience we deliver, providing you with double the sensory stimulation compared to photography alone.

4) Wedding Videographers Capture Movement.

The ability to capture movement is a significant advantage that sets videography apart from photography. How did you walk down the aisle? How did you both move during your first dance? How did you laugh? How did you shed tears of joy? How crazy did your friend get at the party? Seeing these actions in motion, whether reliving them or experiencing them for the first time, is truly priceless. Body language plays a significant role in our communication, and without the capture of movement, those amazing moments cannot be fully appreciated or revisited.

5) Hiring a Wedding Videographer Provides a Fresh Perspective of Your Wedding Day.

A wedding film isn't just about reliving the experience from your own perspective; it also offers a chance to see it from a different vantage point. We act as the proverbial fly on the wall, capturing every moment of the day, whether you're present or not. Having experienced our own wedding, we understand how much can be missed amidst the whirlwind. When contemplating whether to hire a wedding videographer, consider all the moments you might miss—from not being together while getting ready to not seeing the expressions on your parents' faces as you exchange vows. Perhaps you'll step outside for fresh air while the celebration is in full swing, or maybe you'll be occupied with photos during the cocktail hour. You only get to experience a fraction of your wedding day firsthand, but by having it filmed, you'll have the opportunity to see it all! Plus, you might even get to enjoy some breathtaking aerial shots that add an extra touch of magic to your film.

6) Wedding Videographers Enhance the Experience with Creativity.

A skilled wedding videographer brings a wealth of creative ideas to enhance your special day. We can suggest unique concepts such as conducting interviews or capturing a lifestyle shoot that unveils hidden details about your individual perspectives. For instance, if you're feeling nervous about reading your vows, we might propose staging a "mini-elopement" during the day to alleviate the pressure. Our goal is not to turn your wedding into a film set, but rather to use our experience from countless weddings to bring fresh ideas that make your experience even more enjoyable.

When you wake up the morning after your wedding day, you'll likely find yourself reflecting on how quickly it all flew by. The months of planning and preparation culminated in a whirlwind of emotions and moments that may seem like a blur. It's not uncommon to experience post-wedding blues. However, the knowledge that you'll be able to relive the entire experience through your wedding film brings immense relief. Whether you choose to work with us or any other fantastic vendors in Canada, we can guarantee that you won't regret the decision to hire a wedding videographer. It's an investment that allows you to hold onto the memories and emotions of your special day, preserving them for a lifetime of joyful reminiscence.

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